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What is a co-operative?

Co-operative Societies, or co-ops, are associations of persons who have voluntarily joined together to achieve a common social or economic aim by forming a jointly-owned and democratically controlled business organization. They operate on principles of self-help and mutual assistance. Most co-ops also have social missions to benefit the greater society in which they operate in. - See more at:



How are co-ops governed?

MCSL, like all co-ops in Singapore, are regulated by the Registry of Co-operative Societies (“the Registry”), under the Co-operatives Societies Act (Chapter 62) and the Co-operative Societies Rules 2009. The Registry regulates the activities of co-operative societies and protects the interests of members of these societies. The Registry regulates in the 3 following areas:

  1. Formation and dissolution of co-operative societies
  2. Organization and management of co-operative societies
  3. Custody and utilization of co-operative societies' funds

You can reach the Registry of Co-operative Societies at the below address and contact numbers:

Registry of Co-operative Societies
Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth
140 Hill Street, #02-00
Old Hill Street Police Station
Singapore 179369
Republic of Singapore

Contact number: 6337 6597
Fax number: 6837 8090
Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8.30am - 5.30pm


What other associations are MCSL associated/affiliated with?

As an agency of The Methodist Church in Singapore, MCSL is closely aligned with the social principles of the church. In addition, MCSL is closely associated with, supports, and actively participates in the initiatives of Singapore National Cooperative Federation (SNCF) who plays a leading role to ‘promote and develop co-operatives as sustainable enterprises…’ in Singapore. MCSL is also a member of the Social Enterprise Association (SEA) who are an umbrella organization tasked with the role of promoting social entrepreneurship and social enterprise in Singapore, so as to bring about positive social impact and an inclusive community among Singaporeans.


What does MCSL do?

MCSL develops, manages and invests in social enterprises to meet the needs of the community. We also promote the economic interest of our members in accordance with co-operative principles. To develop, provide or procure childcare, educational, legal, medical, welfare, recreational, housing and transport services for the benefit of its members.


Is MCSL a welfare organization?

No, MCSL is not a welfare organization. We do not solicit donations from the public or from the government. MCSL is funded by members’ shareholdings as well as profits generated from our operations.


Who can join as a member?

All Christian brothers and sisters who are members of a Methodist Church in Singapore are eligible to join as Ordinary Members. The membership form is available for download from the membership section of our website.

*Conditions apply. Please refer to the members section of our website for conditions of eligibility.


Can I still join if I am not a Methodist?

Yes, as long as you are of Christian faith and a registered member of a Church in Singapore, you are eligible to join as an Associate Member.

*Conditions apply. Please refer to the members section of our website for conditions of eligibility.


I am already a member of MCSL. Can my family members join as well?

Yes, as long as they are Christians and fulfill the terms of eligibility, they can join as Ordinary or Associate members.


What benefits do I enjoy as a member?

As a member of MCSL, you are entitled to numerous privileges and benefits such as annual dividends, free annual thanksgiving dinner, rebates on organized tours / trips. For a more in-depth description, please visit the benefits & privileges section of our website.


How can I find out about upcoming activities?

You can visit our events calendar on our website. Alternatively, you can like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for the latest updates to all our events all year round.


What services do MCSL currently provide?

We currently provide bereavement, facility management and wedding planning services through our wholly-owned subsidiaries. We are also exploring new and other services aimed at meeting the needs of the community.


Is MCSL compliant with the Personal Data Protection Act?

Yes, MCSL has incorporated PDPA into our policies and procedures. We also ensure that our staff are trained on the relevant PDPA requirements. For further queries, please contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) @6767 1637 during office hours.


Is MCSL on social media?

Yes, MCSL is currently active on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Instagram and we are constantly looking into other platforms that suits our identity and needs. Do follow us on these platforms.


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